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Specialist in Cosmetic Surgery - Reconstructive Surgery and Breast Diseases

Breast Prosthesis

Chest prosthesis is used to correct the form and size of the breast. It is suitable for people who have lost natural shape of their chest and they are not satisfied with appearance of their  …

Breast Lifting

Breast lift is a surgery to correct saggy and non-symmetrical breasts in order to raising the breasts and recreating a new shape for your body, so it can improve your self-confidence…


Shrinking men’s Breast or Gynecomastia is a cosmetic surgery for men who have loose or large breasts and need surgery to reduce them. Large size of breast in men can be trouble maker …


Excessive big breasts may cause a lot of problems for the person, therefore, it can be reduced by reducing the size of the breast or mammaplasty. Before doing this surgery you should …

Benign Breast Diseases

Nipple secretion can be pointed out as a benign breast diseases, Although it is relatively common. Fibrocystic breast is very common and benign and not malignant. More than half of women …

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is caused by abnormal growth of the of the abnormal cells with a high rate of reproduction in the breast, which there is in both benign and malignant breast cancer …

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